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New English File Upper Intermediate Workbook Download Pdf

new english file upper intermediate workbook download pdf view all free english files. library. new english file upper intermediate workbook download pdf. Contact us. PDF. 6MB.A leaked contract gives a glimpse into how many meals Trump is served at the White House. The contract, which the White House did not deny the authenticity of, includes a $15,000 per diem for Trump and his wife and $15,000 for “guests of the first family.” A three-page document, which was posted on Reddit, shows that White House staff will provide Trump and his family a minimum of 28 daily meals for the year, according to the document. It also lists the kinds of meals he is served, including but not limited to: lobster tails, stir fry chicken, wild mushroom ravioli, chicken and waffles, enchiladas, crepes, spaghetti, a white chocolate cheesecake and a bacon-wrapped chocolate cookie. The document is dated June 3, a month before Trump took office. However, it appears that White House staff is required to provide free food to Trump and his family for every day of the year, a list that includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Presidents Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day and Labor Day. $50,000 a month for Trump’s hotel The document also shows Trump’s monthly spending at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., on the corner of Pennsylvania and 18th Streets. The hotel, which is owned by the Trump Organization, is Trump’s “official” residence during his presidency. The document lists a $50,000 monthly payment for the Trump International Hotel and $10,000 for “extras” for Trump’s security detail. Trump and his family are listed as reserving the largest room at the hotel, the Imperial Room, according to the document. Because Trump is the president of the United States, federal officials who want to visit the hotel must use a government-issued room at the hotel, according to the document. In January, the Washington Post first reported that the hotel is charging the government more than most private-sector hotels for the same room. The Trump International Hotel is far more expensive than typical ac619d1d87

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